You are in the central square of San Cassiano - Alta Badia.

A stone's throw from meadows, woods, ski lifts (2 min), ski slopes and the most beautiful walks!

The apartments are located on the second floor of Ciasa Franz - La Vita è Bella.

Below the house there are the Da La Vedla bar and pizzeria, various bars for aperitifs and restaurants, a small shopping center with supermarket,

pharmacy and other useful shops such as ski rental during the winter season.

Here with us it is a bit of a chaos. There is a lot of life. There is creativity.

We like history and we like the bric-a-brac it brought to life.

We have a weakness for collections of old, antique, vintage objects.

We like to give new life to disused objects: antique furniture from the inheritance of aunts and uncles, grandmothers and grandfathers, some neighbors who, before throwing them away, passed by us saying:

"Maybe you still manage to get something out of it!"

Axl is passionate about design, Elide about art, and so the charm of our little refuge is precisely the life in constant transformation that it reflects.